Popular Interior Design Trends

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Popular Interior Design Trends

Homeowners often want a house that does more than simply fulfill the basic needs of everyday life. The inside of the home should provide comfort and convenience. It should also reflect the individual style of the owner. This is normally done through interior design. This could include simple changes to the house or a more comprehensive project that alters the basic structure of the home. The following are several popular interior design trends.

Hidden Storage

The Hidden storage means that closets, drawers or other types of spaces are worked into the design of a room so that they are unnoticeable. This could mean concealing a closet door as part of a wall, hiding drawers as decorative fixtures or placing storage areas in unique locations that are not traditionally used. This interior design trends is also popular in kitchen design where large appliances, pantries, and trash receptacles are seamlessly placed in the design in order to provide a more open and visually consistent space.

Multifunctional Spaces

With multifunctional interior design trends, a home contains single rooms or areas that are used for functions that traditionally take place in separate areas. This could mean a kitchen and dining room combined into a single space where the family eats at an island a short distance from the range. It could also involve combining a guest room with a game room or a garage with a home office.

Integrated Technology

Technology has become an integral part of life in the home, even when members of the household are not working or taking care of other business. It is used for a variety of purposes. A interior design trends has been to construct or remodel rooms so that different pieces of technology are smoothly integrated into the walls, furniture or fixtures that are present. This might include recessing a flat screen television, adding Internet jacks alongside electrical outlets or installing a stylish environmental control system into the living room.

Natural Finishes

Homeowners have started to choose natural finishes over other types of materials when remodeling the home. The most popular interior design trends is lightly colored wood. The materials that are chosen show the natural grain of the wood or the unfinished surface of stone and marble. Natural materials help to create a space that feels more organic and that better distributes light throughout the room.

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