Luxurious Guest Rooms

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Luxurious Guest Rooms

A contemporary guest bedroom is just the place for visitors seeking a place to relax and enjoy their time spent in your home. These open floor plan with mild colors and luxurious furnishings are even more ideal than a private hotel room, because you can guarantee the best hospitality in addition to a beautiful, comfortable space. Let your guests know that they are cared for by creating a contemporary guest bedroom that all of your guests will love.

Focus your goals on providing relaxation when designing a contemporary guest bedroom. Pick a soothing light color, blues and creams work best. Paint the walls in this color and paint the ceiling and border white. This will reflect just enough light for reading while not making the room seem cold. It is very important to your theme that you use only colors that give a warm welcoming feeling.

Next, you should select furnishings with a hint of antiquity. Rich wooden pieces with a dash of history will add to the ambiance of the room and make your guest feel pampered. A comforting high back chair and matching ottoman will be useful and look great as well. All of the selections you make for this room should make it look extravagant. This will tell your guests that you care enough to offer them the best of everything. While this may sound expensive you should be able to find most of these items in thrift shops or at auctions at a reasonable rate.

Something else that can be found inexpensively buy thrift shopping is art. For a contemporary guest bedroom choose piece that remind you of your past. Be sure these selections have a washed out, but not damaged look. By choosing art like this you will catch your guest interest and have many interesting conversations about your art.

For flooring in this room it is best to use a light colored plush carpet with an area rug. The room will look more finished and will cushion every step they take as they enjoy the room. In addition to the carpet place an area rug in the highest traffic area of the room. Use an area rug that is slightly darker than your carpeting and blends any colors that are used in art and linens. Not only will this area rug look fantastic, it will tie together all other aspects of the room and keep your carpeting in good shape longer.

Another tip for making your guests feel special is to offer them other amenities of a hotel stay. Put together a basket of miniature soap, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, tooth paste, mouth wash, tooth brush, and other necessities. Also lay out a towel set that matches your contemporary guest bedroom. If you provide those things your guests will not need to worry if they have forgotten something or do not know where you keep certain items.

This plush, fabulous room will be comforting from floor to ceiling. The wonderfully soft carpeting accented by a beautiful area rug will create artwork for your floor. The soft colors will relax your guests and your welcoming hospitality and careful contemporary guest bedroom design will make your guests wish they never had to leave.

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