Home Decorating

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Home Decorating

Home decoration refers to decorating and furnishing of home. It deals with all aspects of lighting, color, texture, paint, furniture, flooring selection, window & curtain decorations and other accessories.

Home decoration adds beauty to your home. How much effort you may put in building a house, make sure you are showing off the house to its best potential putting the equal efforts in home decoration.

Here are some home decoration techniques to follow:


Workout every detail of your home. Before you go for buying the material for home decoration, just think of what all are the materials that you require to buy and where would you place them. By doing this you will get an idea what the things you need to buy or else you will get confused and you will go for the unwanted things while shopping for the material. Planning helps you to go for less wastage.


When you decorate your home always go for simplicity. Making home decorating with what you love and what is beautiful helps in the essence of establishing simplicity and calm. Simplicity brings uniqueness to your home.

Colors to choose:

Paint / color are the most decorative tool that adds most of the essence of beauty to your home. For a light and pleasant look choose lighter shades. For striking look, choose dark colors. For your living room paint one side of the wall with a contrast color of your furniture. You can use this wall as gallery space also. You can also paint the book shelves with contrast colors.


Choose furniture that suits your paint of the wall. Nowadays, white modern furniture is very fashionable. White furniture is a very good choice if you combine with white walls and white accessories, it can give sensation to your space. If you prefer traditionally elegant look, dark wood finishes are always a very good choice.

Curtains and Fabrics:

While choosing fabrics for curtains, floor covering, pillows, and sofa sheets or like spread sheets go for the patterns like stripes, floral print, check which are most popular which add elegance to your home.


Generally single pair of pillows are used for sofas, but go for two pair or multiple pair of pillows, with one pair contrast with other pair. Choose the pillows contrast in pattern color, this looks rocking especially for your sofa in living room.


Plants add a different beauty that the others can’t add. They add a natural beauty. A potted plant at some corner of house or at the entrance of the house adds natural beauty, nothing can add as much as beauty more than this to your home

Bedroom Tips:

Try a high bed and tall headboard. For small bedrooms this helps in making the room look big. Place a chair into any one of the corner of your bedroom for an instant resting spot. Your bedroom should express your personality, so go with adding art like photo frames or graphic designed sheet. A simple printed bed sheets occupies a decent look on your beds. Prints aren’t reserved only for bed covers and curtains they just catch your eye when they are set on lamps.

Save money and try your own:

Sometimes decorating your home by yourself would save money since you need to pay additional fee for the designer. You can also save your money by designing with the hand made products if you have that artistic talent in you. A sense of style is not only exclusive for interior designers, but home owners with great taste can make it too. If you are such a home owner who can create such impact with your art and if you possess interest, time and patience then the result works. But remember “If you love it, it works”.

Hire a Designer:

You can try on your own, but to avoid costly mistakes hire a designer. Hiring a designer also helps in increasing the value of your home. They are also financial advantages like staying within the budget, getting the better quality material and furnishings. If you want to make your home a master piece don’t hesitate in spending the money, go for a designer, they can insure you that you can achieve your zeal of making your home an antique piece.

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