Home Decor Trends of 2017

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Home Decor Trends of 2017

With the start of the new year, we are eager to see what’s going to happen in 2017. Is it going to bring us some good luck? Are we going to find the love of our lives? What says the horoscope and the stars? What are the fashion trends, and much more? Let’s try to satisfy your curiosity a little bit by revealing you the home decor trends for 2017. Here they come.


This is the color we are going to use for the kitchen during the upcoming year. The White kitchen is classy and brings a lot of light in the room. Yes, you are right that it is hard to clean it sometimes. But there are some very good cleaning detergents nowadays, which make the cleaning process as easy as a child’s play. That is why you shouldn’t worry while following the trends of the new year. Be brave and pick the white.

Natural Elements

According to some experts, it is very trendy in 2017 to decorate your home with foxes and does. But if you find that very flashy, you can choose to use small trees or sprays. In short, you can use anything that reminds of nature and woods. There is another benefit – according to Feng Shui any natural elements will bring peace and balance to your home.


One of a fascinating home decor trends in 2014 are the books. I’m not sure whether we should decorate our homes with books to look smarter. Of course, it is very good way to make your family read more. Use colorful books or such with leather covers. My advice is to choose one type of covers and keep close to them. Otherwise, mixing different colors without making any sense can be a bad idea.

Macrame and tapestry

These are a little bit old methods to decorate your home. But sometimes, old trends come back to be modern again. Instead of attaching pictures to the walls, you can use wall tapestry. It is a unique way to add beauty in the room.


Curtains are never out of fashion. They will be trendy in 2017 as well. But we do not recommend some heavy tick curtains. On the contrary, it is recommended to use curtains made of linen or wool. Pick up light and thin curtains which are going to let the light in. You don’t want to live as a vampire, do you?

Flower Prints

The flower prints will be very trendy this year. You have several options. To choose decorating pillows in such a print or you can buy a couch covered with flowers. Both ways, you will be in the latest fashion. In fact, it is very easy for us, women, to use flower prints wherever we want.

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