Home Accent Pieces

Staff February 18, 2017 0
Home Accent Pieces

With today’s advancement in technology, people are spending much more time in their homes. We are on the internet or using notepads or i Pads or Kindles and all while in the comfort of our home. BUT, are we really that comfortable in our homes? Well, if we have made our “space” a reflection of our “selves”, then we will be comfortable. So let’s make our homes really comfortable. Let’s use accents for the home to make our space as comfortable as possible and as much a reflection of ourselves as possible. Using home accent pieces will change a house to a home and make it our special oasis. We can make our old cold kitchen into a warm, inviting and friendly place to visit with a friend or enjoy our coffee and tea. Just add the right accent piece and the whole experience is changed.

Accents will change how we view our “space”. Using home accents will enhance our living and playing experience. To do this, we need to choose and use the proper accent pieces. Choosing just the right accent piece is really not that difficult. Just take a look at your own personality and likes. What really shows off your spirit? You know it when you see it… what really interests you. What items make you feel “fuzzy” inside or get you excited? So pick a few items to use for accent. Place them in your home in a predominate area. Put them in the place where you spend most of your time. This will add warmth to the space as well as making your personality flow. Now you really ARE comfortable. And you know what else, so are your friends and family.

Accent pieces can come in many ways. From small vases or decorative boxes to larger tables or lamps. Or they could be as simple as a few pillows with just the right colors and displayed in just the right place. The most important thing is that they reflect YOU. What really jumps out at you when you see it? You can put a special accent in any room of your home. Using just the right piece will bring out the color of the room or make it soft and inviting. Turn your bedroom into an intimate slice of heaven with just the right piece.

No matter what your style is, you can use just about any type of accent piece to dress up your home. In today’s world, you can mix up traditional with contemporary and make the room look really interesting. Or you can put a modern accent among your traditional furniture and turn the room into a new expression of yourself. When it comes to expressing yourself with accent pieces, there are no rules.

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